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Dark Willow
Why are people so creepy on the Internet? o.o

Also, hi. I'm terribly bored. And tired.


Did I mention tired?

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Not everybody is creepy here but I agree a lot are :P

Why are people so creepy irl? I feel all the normal people I meet are on the internet. :(

Uhm. No. You go to and other chat sites or whatever, and people are fucking creepy.

Oh, well if you're going on chat sites that's a different story. Chat sites make me think of this:

You tell me what there is to do at 2 in the morning online!

Can't help you there. If I'm up at 2am then I'm usually doing something that makes me want to stay up that late. When I get bored I just go to bed. Plus, I like to read fanfic and randomly go looking for youtube videos. Or scouring LJ for something to do. If we had similar interests I would link you to stuff, but we don't :( Sorry~~

I don't like LJ's new method of searching. It never helps me find what I want. :(

Yeah, I see what you mean. :( I usually community hop, but then again, I'm not usually up that late. ^^;

ps, omegle is funny sometimes... You can just type random to people until they disconnect, or badmouth them if they go, "HORNY 16 F ASL." ROTF.

There was someone on an LJ comm a while ago who went into chat roulette as different anime characters and waited to see how long the person would go till they disconnected. One guy was just rolling with the robots and homocidal brother bit. Like it was totally normal. He really wanted some cybersex.

Who wanted the sexins? I'm confused.

The guy talking the LJer. She kept posting stuff about how her brother would send robots to kill him if he knew and he went on about how he could take it~

OMG GAMES! You can play computer games! Tetris is an awesome time waster! At least for me it was. Zuma, bubble pop, mahjong idk I like puzzle games. :)


and zuma:

You just throw the ball you have at similar color balls until you destroy them all or the chain reaches you. You can't play much online but i like it. :)

Oh lord, Katie, you have created a monster now...

Do you have an account? I made one under cognitionspeaks! you should add me. :D

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